Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


This river bank on the fast-flowing river Avon had eroded over the years leaving the substation next to it vulnerable. To stabilise the bank a 68m sheet pile wall was designed to protect the substation and adjacent land.

Sheet piles were driven to depths of 9m from a pontoon and Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) were driven 12m through the sheet piles, at 1.2 metre centres 20° below the horizontal, targeting the dense Selsey Sands. Where there were obstructions, in the form of pylon foundations, the angle of installation was alternated to 35° to ensure these obstructions were avoided. The anchors were terminated on a wailing beam, proof loaded to 98kN and locked off at 65kN. To find out more about all of our anchoring solutions, visit:

mill Lane ground anchors on sheet pile
Driving ground anchor into sheet pile
sheet pile
Loadlocking of ground anchor into sheet pile