Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years

Our in-house Geotechnical team was commissioned to create a comprehensive design solution for a challenging 6m high, 137m long cut slope, supported by 550 Platipus anchors at the Edginswell Business Park in Torquay.

Originally envisioned as a 70° timber crib wall faced slope, Torbay Council’s emphasis on a value-engineered approach prompted Platipus to introduce an innovative alternative design. We proposed incorporating a 3m high 80° cut slope at the base, adorned with a stone filled mattress facade. This not only reduces maintenance needs but also aligns seamlessly with the planned car park at the slope’s base while conforming to Torbay Council’s aesthetic requirements. Additionally, we suggested a 60° cut for the upper slope, introducing a vegetated finish.

The substitution of the timber crib wall with a stone filled mattress facade not only optimized space at the toe but also expanded the ecological zone above. All these achievements were accomplished within a value-engineered framework and tight timelines, professionally executed by Platipus Approved Installer Topbond PLC. Full project case study to follow soon.