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Wilford Bridge, Suffolk

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Project Specification

Wilford bridge, on the outskirts of Woodbridge, was identified as needing strengthening under the Suffolk County Council bridge framework agreement with May Gurney. As part of this, Platipus® Anchors were specified to provide additional support to the existing wing walls. Site access limitations meant that these would have to be installed from the bridge deck.

Project Solution

The S10 anchor was chosen, as it can provide a large anchoring force, yet requires a relatively small corehole through the bridge structure. To meet the design life requirements aluminium bronze anchors and stainless steel wire tendon were specified while the inverted pattress plate provided an aesthetically pleasing finish and a concealed termination. Installation of the anchors was carried out by Coastground, using an excavator located on the bridge deck, with instruction from Precision Cutting, a Platipus Approved Installer.

Wilford Bridge earth anchoring

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