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Bridge Repair - West Coast Route Modernisation - UK

Project Overview

This bridge carries the mainline railway over Burton Road just outside of Whittington in Staffordshire. As part of theWest Coast Main Line refurbishment programme it was due for a full deck replacement and upgrade. Anchors were required to provide a prop force to stabilise the abutments in the temporary condition to permit the removal of the old deck and the lowering in of its one piece replacement. Works had to be carried out within the restricted working space during partial road closures minimising disruption to local traffic.


Platipus® S10 anchors were ideally specified as their narrow profile made it possible for each one to be installed through a single 125mm diameter core hole. Designed with high grade materials for a permanent application the anchors used aluminium bronze pattress plates to transfer the load to the abutments and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Anchor System: S10TB aluminium bronze anchor c/w 9m of 20mm threaded stainless steel rod, 330mm Ø aluminium bronze inverted pattress plate and stainless steel load nut.

Quantity: 30       Design Life: 120 yrs      Soil Type: Made Ground/Fill