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The Post Building, London

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Project Overview

The Post Building is a transformation of a Royal Mail sorting office on New Oxford Street in Central London. Previously the site had been derelict for over 20 years, but it has now been brought back to use, reconnecting the building with the city.
This redevelopment is a mix of office, retail and residential areas and is located at the intersection of five major roads in London.

In total, the mixed-use development accommodates eight floors for office use and seven floors for residential (including 100% of the required affordable housing provision on site). The development also makes a significant contribution to the public realm by creating a new public space on Museum Street, reactivating the historic route of Dunn’s Passage, and providing public access to roof terraces and gardens. In total eight multi-stemmed trees supplied by Deepdale Trees were anchored using the Platipus RF2SPECIALP Tree Anchoring System into planters bespokely manufactured by Europlanters and expertly installed by Goddards Landscape Contractors Limited.

Anchoring System: RF2SPECIALP

Post Building, London - trees planted into containers with Platipus Tree anchoring system

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