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Sheeplands Farm (200kW) – UK

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Project Overview

This unique floating PV array, covering approximately 1 acre, needed to be safely secured to the banks of a reservoir. Being the fi rst of its kind in the UK, the specialised and highly publicised project required anchor points to resist an ultimate load of 40kN each.


The reservoir bank was made up of a well compacted mix of chalk and fl int material. The Floating Solar UK Ltd team used a mini-excavator with a hydraulic hammer to rapidly install the 8 x B04TC anchors into the hard ground. The favourable soil conditions meant that each anchor was easily able to achieve the required loads. Once each anchor had been loadlocked and proof tested, the array was assembled on pontoons which were secured to the anchor points. On completion, the 800 panels will be used to power irrigation schemes on the farm.

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Sheeplands Farm (200kW) – UK - secured with B8 anchors