Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Remedial Work to Flood Defences Stansgate Road, Steeple, Essex

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Project Overview

Standing at angles between 16 and 28 degrees, this existing earth flood defence showed signs of distress along a 250m length of the landward elevation at Stansgate Road, Steeple. The defence protects a large area of farmland and, if no action was taken, it could eventually breach and cause flooding to the currently defended land.


Provide an erosion resistant surface to protect and stabilise the flood defence that will be subject to intermittent water flow. Reprofiling of the slope, paying particular attention to providing a smooth, uniform, compacted face, allows close contact with the surface covering materials.
Platipus S6ARGS Anchors, were driven perpendicular to the slope, to retain coir matting which was rolled down the compacted slope and overlain with double twist rockfall mesh. The matting will promote grass regrowth while the mesh spreads the load of the anchors across the slope. Trenching in along the crest and the toe of the slope is also key to maintaining intimate contact with the surface. Proof loading of each and every Platipus Anchor, tensions stainless steel bearing plates onto the mesh.
Anchors designed, manufactured and supplied by Platipus provide long-term corrosion protection in a salt water environment with a 50 year design life. This is a simple, cost effective solution using readily available materials and relatively light plant & machinery.

Platipus S6ARGS Anchors were driven perpendicular to the slope

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