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Remedial Pipeline Support, Germiny – France

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In this remote agricultural area of Germiny, France, a pipeline extension presented a unique challenge for our client. The project involved adding a T-Piece to an existing pipeline to accommodate a planned extension to service a local community. The project faced significant obstacles due to its remote location and strict time constraints. Traditional methods, such as concrete encasing of the pipe, were not a viable option under these circumstances. An innovative alternative solution that would ensure the pipeline’s stability and safety during the modification process was required.


To address the project’s challenges, a multi-step approach was implemented. The remote site was fully excavated, and a secure support system was constructed to safely expose the section of pipeline requiring modification. Given the remote location and limited space, the installation team utilised standard handheld hydraulic tools to swiftly install and proof test the lightweight Platipus anchors on both sides of the pipeline through a temporary base constructed to support the pipeline from below. This method proved particularly effective in the confined working area. With the anchors in place, the final step involved using high performance webbing strap to securely fasten the pipe during the temporary work phase. This ensured the pipeline’s stability and safety throughout the modification process, allowing for the safe installation of the new T-Piece of pipeline and demonstrating the effectiveness of the Platipus Low Carbon Anchoring Solution (LCAS®).


Remedial Pipeline Support

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