Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Rattle Road, Stone Cross, East Sussex – UK

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Project Overview

A new footway construction along the south of Uplands Road in Stone Cross, fronting the Honeysett Gardens housing development, encroached into an existing mature tree lined bank. The bank stretched 64m in length, with heights ranging from 2.5 to 3m. Initial site surveys failed to identify the bank’s profile accurately, resulting in the groundworker leaving a near vertical face 2-2.5m high on the edge of the highway. This prompted consulting engineers to identify the need for a specialist reinforcement design to provide a retaining solution with minimal impact on the bank and trees, including erosion control measures.


Several suitability tests were conducted to finalise the Indemnified Design, addressing both erosion control and slope stability. S6 ARGS anchor systems were driven to a depth of 2m to provide permanent erosion control in combination with a specified geosynthetic material across the total extent of the remediation. Where steeper slopes were encountered and required permanent stabilisation, S8 ground anchors where driven perpendicular to the slope face to a depth of 3m. An offset diamond grid anchoring pattern was specified for both erosion control and slope stability designs, preventing further washing out of fines and promoting revegetation.

The solution effectively addressed the challenges posed by the encroachment into the mature tree-lined bank, providing a comprehensive approach to slope stabilisation and erosion control while minimising the impact on the existing embankment.

Holly Lane, Erdington erosion control

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