Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Trans Adriatic Pipeline, Albania

Albania Flag

Project Overview

An 878km long natural gas pipeline, to be constructed from the Turkish border (TANAP), running across Greece and Albania, under the Adriatic Sea and into Italy, finally supplying gas to many European markets. Due to the varying ground conditions along the full length of the pipeline, anti-buoyancy control measures were required in all areas with a high water table.


Platipus B8 PDEA® systems were selected for all buoyancy control along the on-shore section of the TAP project, mainly in Albania with some sections in Greece. A local team was trained by Platipus Anchors for all anchor installation work, which was carried out using large 30t excavators, previously used for trenching and backfilling purposes. Installed to depths of up to 10m below invert level, each set of anchors was connected over the 1.2m (48”) x 18m long steel pipes with the bespoke Platipus webbing strap meaning no cathodic protection was required. Each of the B8 anchors was proof tested to the required 50kN, providing an ultimate load of 100kN per set, safely securing the pipeline for the specified design life.

TAP Pipeline being lowered into trench, Albania

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