Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Penton Hook Marina, Chertsey

Platipus Anchors - Flag of UK

Project Overview

Steep marina banks were suffering from stability and erosion issues which, if left unchecked, would reduce their ability to withstand the wash of manoeuvring boats and compromise the adjacent access ways.


To ensure long term stability of this vegetated bank, a remediation using unaesthetic sheet piles had been considered. However, a different proposal using ARGS®, an Anchored Reinforced Grid Solution, was developed by Platipus Geotechnical Engineers. This greener, softer approach was preferred by the Client and their Consulting Engineer. A thorough de-vegetation of the banks was undertaken leaving nothing but the grass. To distribute the anchor loads evenly across the bank and to provide turf reinforcement, a double twist UPVC coated galvanised rock fall mesh was profi led onto the prepared bank and terminated, along its upper edge, in a trench set back from the crest. Platipus Anchors were driven through the mesh and each and every anchor tested to the required load before locking off with a stainless steel plate and recessed wedge grip, ensuring this load is transferred to the tightly profiled mesh. Great care was taken to preserve the wetland growth within the water and, on completion of the works the organic rich pond sediment containing the plants was replaced to cover the toe of the bank.
Re-vegetation of the banks with grass is an essential part of the works so, to prevent the ingress of brambles, willows and other invasive plants, the entire bank was reseeded with a suitable grass mix to establish a healthy grass sward.

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