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G-WALL – Private Domestic Garden, West Sussex

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Project Overview

Conquest Creative Spaces was commissioned to design, create and maintain this beautiful private domestic garden in Keymer, West Sussex. Apart from anchoring two silver birches, the centrepiece was this beautiful 4m² green wall using the G-WALL, modular living wall solution from Platipus Anchors. In order to maximise the natural benefits of a green wall, the G-WALL was positioned beside the outdoor living area.

The Landscaping Team from Conquest found the G-WALL quick and easy to install as there were no frames, rails, hanging grids or membranes and the individual cells were light and easy to clip together. With 64 individual planting pockets per square metre, the team had 256 pockets to establish the colour pallet of white and purple. Using various herbaceous plants from 1 to 1½ litres in size, the G-WALL was covered in Ferns, Thyme, Cyclamen bulbs, mixed grasses with Aubretia for colour. The irrigation lines were set to every second row of plants, allowing the G-WALL drip through system to work efficiently. Gabion side walls completed this impressive design.

G-WALL - Private Domestic Garden, Keymer, West Sussex - Platipus Modular Living Wall

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