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Slope Stabilisation (Permanent)

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Project Overview

This housing development required land utilisation over the existing topography leaving a 5.5m high cut face on the west boundary with existing residential properties above. As a result, a short and long term stabilisation of the cut face was paramount. Furthermore, given the cut face overlooked the new properties an aesthetic finish of the face was necessary.


McCarrick Construction analysed various options including sheet piling, king post walls and earth anchors and decided that Platipus Anchors were the most cost effective option. A suitable geotextile was used to cover the cut face prior to anchor installation. The scheme looks at a 55° slope standing at a maximum height of 5.5m. The 38m length of the face was stabilised in two sections using S8 and B4 anchors with threaded bar. The bottom two rows used B4 anchors and the remainder used S8 anchors, both arranged in a “diamond” pattern with each row being offset by 0.6m. The threaded bar tails were left proud by 200mm providing a shear key for Cellweb (supplied by Geosynthetics Ltd) with a mulched soil and grass seed mix creating a grassed finish to protect the geotextile from UV radiation.

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