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Orchard Lisle Courtyard, London – UK

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Project Specifications

A re-development of Orchard Lisle Courtyard including hard and soft landscaping. The courtyard is open to the public and surrounded on 3 sides by student accommodation for Guys and St Thomas’ hospital. The scheme is a contemporary asymmetric design by Annie Chapman of Verde Design.

The client’s brief was to create an inviting main entrance to reflect the scale of the two buildings (Orchard Lisle & Iris Brook House). Planting to reflect a high traffic environment and also to protect the ground floor rooms from visual intrusion. The design was to be modern and reflective of the age and style of the buildings. Hard landscaping was used to open up the entrance way and also to make a connection with the rest of the campus creating areas of space and relaxation for both individuals and groups.

Twelve mature rootballed trees, Pyrus Chanticleer, were supplied by Deepdale Trees and due to buried services on-site the traditional anchor system could not be used. As a result, the Platipus Deadman Fixing System Plati-Mat, which utilises kerbstones or sleepers, was selected to secure the trees and create the aesthetically pleasing finish to this award winning landscape.

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