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David Wyndham Lewis - The Perennial Legacy Garden

Project Specification

When building the Perennial Legacy Garden for the Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2019, the trees were a major consideration in the design and selecting them from Majestic Trees was a great pleasure. After much consideration we finally settled on three 3.5m high multi stemmed Prunus serrula. These, along with the 24 units of 2.5m high Taxus baccata from Hope Grove Nurseries created an enclosed garden. Having used Platipus Tree Anchoring Systems before, I knew that they would work for the trees and the hedging. As the hedges were rootballed but smaller than the trees, using the smaller RF0P kits allowed for them to be secured and once solidly fixed we were able to cut it as a single hedge. One of the great things about this process was that no one on the garden build, apart from me, had used Platipus Tree Anchoring Systems before and it took less than 15 minutes for everybody to have mastered the technique of installing them. The finished result spoke for itself with the judges awarding Perennial’s Legacy Garden a ‘Premier Gold Medal,’ the coveted ‘Sutcliffe Award’ and ‘Best in Show.’

Anchoring System: RF0P & RF1P

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