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Mesquite Street By-Pass Stormwater CIP Improvements, USA

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Project Overview

The purpose of the project was to mitigate flooding in the area by improving drainage conveyance toward the Gulf of Mexico. The project required a combination of single and double barrel runs of triple wall 60” HDPE pipe in order to provide additional drainage capacity for the town of Rockport.


Based on an engineered required load of up to 11,000 lbs per location, Platipus offered both 2 ton and 10 ton capacity anchor solutions, depending on the required loads in a particular area. The soil was a dense, well-compacted sand which allowed for high loads to be achieved. Approximately 270 pipe anchoring kits, or 540 anchors, were supplied over a 3-mile long drainage line. The anchors were installed with a traditional jack hammer. Each anchor was loadlocked and the load was recorded in order to field verify that the design load was achieved on-site. The ability to field-verify loads, in addition to the small amount of equipment required to install, allowed the Platipus system to be selected in lieu of a combination of poured concrete footings and stainless steel strapping mechanisms.

Securing Mesquite Street Storm Drainage  pipe with strap

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