Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


La Roche Temporary Works Excavation, Switzerland

Platipus Anchors - Flag of UK

Project Overivew

The architectural design for this new house called for an 11m deep excavation at an inclination of 65° to create the required space for construction. To ensure a safe working environment and prevent any instability within slope, a cost-effective temporary support solution was required in the hilly terrain.

Project Solution

Platipus Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®) Systems were selected for this challenging project after site testing in the wet morraine clay soil conditions proved their excellent performance. Using a top down construction, rows of anchors were installed to support each new level of excavation until the full depth had been reached and secured. Platipus S8 anchors were installed 9m deep perpendicular to the slope with each anchor being proof tested to a design load of 60kN, securing simple weld mesh to the slope surface.

Anchor System: S8 cast iron anchor c/w 9m of 12mm ø galvanised wire, load plate & wedge grip

Quantity: 160    Design Life: 5 yrs     Soil Type: Morraine Clay Mix

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