Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Huntley Wharf, Reading – UK

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Project Overview

Our client required a solution to increase the ground levels on the site side of two existing retaining walls located at a prime, south-facing riverside location. Due to space constraints between the existing foundation and the retaining wall, the initial piling  solution was not feasible. The project demanded a cost-effective solution for retaining and strengthening the existing retaining walls while considering the restricted access and proximity to water. Selecting the correct Platipus Approved Installer and specialist equipment was crucial for the successful execution of the project.


To verify the bearing capacity of the soil, Platipus Anchors specified anchor test  locations and six vertical suitability tests were conducted. Based on the test results, a solution was presented and accepted for two wall sections spanning 21 metres and 24 metres, respectively. The anchors were driven to a 6 metre embedment depth utilising a BROKK machine, which was suitable for the constrained space. The anchors were terminated on the wall face within PFC Galvanised beams, allowing for the final granite cladding to be rendered over the wall. The project showcased the importance of thorough site assessment, innovative engineering solutions and the deployment of specialised equipment to overcome site challenges. The successful implementation of the retaining wall strengthening solution ensured the structural integrity of the walls while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the prime riverside location.

Multi-story building in Reading

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