Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Heartenoak Meadows, Hawkhurst, Kent – UK

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Project Overview

A new housing development in Kent required an access road around the site boundary. The overall site was relatively flat, but along the proposed access road the ground level reduced forming a 7m high slope. The existing slope was cut and benched at a safe angle, before being backfilled to raise the height of the road by 2.5m and maximise available space. Protection against wind and water erosion was required, a Platipus Anchored Reinforced Grid Solution (ARGS®) was specified, which allows for revegetation, and serves to counter rabbit burrowing and badger nesting. Before installation of the 780 anchors could begin, the ground workers required training, taking under two hours to complete.


Once the slope had been regraded to an even surface, anchoring trenches were dug at the crest and toe of the slope. Following this, the geotextile was laid over the slope, secured at the crest and toe, and anchor positions marked. The anchors were installed to a depth of 2m using a handheld breaker. A compact stressing kit was used to tension the wire holding the load plate tight on the slope face, with a working load of 6.7kN. This facilitated revegetation on the slope, completely covering the load plates once complete, providing a cost effective solution and revegetation.

Holly Lane, Erdington erosion control

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