Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


The Garden Show 2018, Burg - Germany

Project Overview

From April 2018 this public park will form the entrance to the Landesgartenschau castle. The park, built in 1913 as a railway station, lies in the west of the city which acts as a green axis between the station and the city center. The 9.5-hectare park is permanently upgraded in terms of function and design in order to fulfill its role as a central inner city park and recreation center. The fire brigade monument and the honorary cemeteries are a contrast between the places of silent remembrance. In addition, historical tombstones and 24 pattern tombs are presented in the park.

Before the opening of the Garden Show, more than 135 trees will be anchored in the park with underfloor anchoring systems by Platipus. As an alternative to wooden poles, this anchoring method ensures an undisturbed landscape aswell as a providing a healthy, unobstructed way to grow.

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