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G-WALL – Private Domestic Garden, West Sussex

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Project Overview

​This beautiful private garden was designed by Osmosis Garden Design and installed by the team at Royal Gardens Ltd. Using the Platipus G-WALL®, a large 3m² square modular living wall was created to maximise the vertical green space and enhance the courtyard garden. A beautiful mix of foliage and floral plants were selected to give different textures and colours throughout. Plants were positioned to give rhythm and flow across the wall to create visual interest. Consideration was given to the position of the sun during plant selection with the top ones receiving more daily sunlight than those located lower down.
The heuchera are a reliable evergreen foliage plant that come in so many different colours and leaf shapes keeping it interesting and stylish. The salvia and scabiosa add rich purple and pale lilac / blue colour to the wall right through the summer. The liriope has great strap like evergreen leaves with gorgeous spikes of deep purple flowers for late summer and well into the autumn. The team wanted to include some edibles so they used some strawberry plants and lettuces for the clients to pick and use as they mature. In addition, a bug hotel was also incorporated into the design to improve the biodiversity of the living wall and garden.

G-WALL - Private Domestic Garden, Keymer, West Sussex - Platipus Modular Living Wall

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