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Fallago Wind Farm – Backstay Anchoring

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Project Overview

To provide ground anchoring as a speedy, lightweight alternative to heavy concrete Kentledge at this remote site.


Site testing showed that the Platipus B8 anchor was capable of providing the required load of 80kN per anchor. The anchors were driven at the required angle to a depth of 5m using a machine-mounted hydraulic breaker and loadlocked into position using a tirfor winch attached to the tower. On completion, one of the eyes was cut off and the wire tendon simply pulled out of the ground using the remaining eye. All that remains is the anchor head some 4m below ground level ensuring the safe grazing of local sheep.

Anchor System: B8TC galvanised spheroidal graphite iron anchor c/w 12m (2 x 6m legs) of 16mm Ø galvanised steel wire tendon, terminating with two hard eyes.

Quantity: 12      Design Life: Temporary Works

Soil Type: Weak Greywacke

Fallago Wind Farm - Backstay Anchoring secured with Platipus B8 anchors

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