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Emergency Stormwater Management, Canal de Bourgogne – France

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The Canal de Bourgogne presented a unique challenge in managing stormwater, specifically concerning the installation of a new 10-metre, 600mm diameter pipeline beneath the canal. Initially, the design indicated that there was no need for ground anchors for the pipeline. However, due to the thin layer of backfill planned for the top of the pipeline to allow boats to navigate across the shallow canal, the client requested additional support to address potential buoyancy issues. A collaborative approach was undertaken with Euro-Tec, our partner in France, for the client VNF (Voies Navigables de France).


To facilitate the work, the canal was drained prior to the installation process. The project’s timeline was unusually tight, with the entire process from initial inquiry to anchor installation completed in less than two weeks. This rapid turnaround included reviewing the project requirements, designing a suitable anchor system, delivering the materials to site and overseeing the installation. The solution involved the installation of four sets of Platipus S6 pipeline anchor systems, complete with stainless steel accessories and high-performance webbing strap. Each set provided up to 1 tonne of verifiable support to ensure the pipeline’s stability should ground water levels change in the future. Euro-Tec played a crucial role beyond the supply of the anchoring solution, providing on-site support to the main contractor during installation. This hands-on approach ensured the successful implementation of the pipeline anchoring system and addressed any unforeseen challenges that arose during the installation process. By quickly developing and implementing this Low Carbon Anchor Solution (LCAS®), we successfully addressed the client’s concerns about pipeline buoyancy and eliminated the need for placing additional fill or encasing the pipeline in concrete.


Emergency Stormwater<br />
Management, Canal de  Bourgogne - Franc

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