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Edward Street, Brisbane – Australia

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Project Overview

An upgrade project started in September 2016 to transform this area of the Central Business District into a world-class retail environment with open footpaths and a tree-lined boulevard. 25no. Kauri Pines were planted in areas with buried services and the City Project Office did not want to restrict pedestrian access by using wooden stakes or above ground guy wires to support the transplanted trees.

The Platipus Deadman Fixing System with Plati-Mat was specified to anchor the trees and to provide a clear aesthetic finish to the landscape. This system allowed tall 7 – 9m high trees to be planted in restricted planting areas without damaging the buried services and still provided excellent stability and support to keep the trees secure. To minimize the impact on local traders, the installation was conducted at night and Cirtex Australia Ltd provided on-site advice to ensure this was done efficiently.

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