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Design Studio – Hendy Curzon

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Project Overview

Landscape Designers Hendy Curzon wanted to produce and maintain a vertical living wall in the grounds of their Design Studio so that they could try different plant combinations to see what produced the most visually effective results in various upcoming design projects. Platipus supplied Hendy Curzon Gardens with 4m² of their G-WALL® modular living wall which acted as the perfect canvas in which to carry out their explorations.

The G-WALL® was easy to assemble and irrigate. Its modular system allowed for the living wall to be a bespoke size to fill one side of their courtyard. Various trials have followed over the intervening months – edible walls to promote sustainability in small spaces, tapestries of colour and texture with multiple succulents and our next project is a rich scented moss wall we are designing into a rainforest inspired spa courtyard.

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