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Crossways Solar Park (5MW) Retrofit – UK

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Project Overview

This large 5MW array was completed using a single pile mounting system. Due to the varied ground conditions on this landfill site, the pile system originally specified was unable to provide the required pull-out loads. The Consultant determined that additional support was needed to prevent the uplift effects of high wind on this exposed rural site.


Tests were carried out at 10 locations across the site to determine the anchors performance in these challenging ground conditions. The Consultant calculated a required load of 7.5kN which was comfortably achieved using the small S06 anchor, making it the specified choice for the project. The anchors were rapidly installed, loadlocked and proof tested to 9kN using a combination of piling-rigs, already on site, and handheld hydraulic breakers. A variety of bespoke stainless steel single, double and triple post solutions, including a unique Revolution tensioner, were used to secure the frame to each anchor point.

Crossways Solar Park (5MW) Retro-Fit – UK Photovoltaic panels installed with earth anchors

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