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Crinan Canal, Argyle and Bute – UK

Platipus Anchors - Flag of UK

Project Overview

The existing scour protection, offered by a combination of stone wall and sheet pile, had deteriorated to such a degree that erosion damage was now affecting the long term stability of the canal bank and tow path along a 600m stretch of this important waterway link.

Project Solution

After encountering installation problems and delays with the proposed plastic sheet pile solution, standard steel sheets were specified to edge the canal side. Mechanical anchors were installed every 6m through a waling beam to prevent any deflection of the new pile top. Driven under the towpath at an angle of 30°, using a small machine, the ease of installation was clearly demonstrated with 25 anchors being installed each day. This enabled the main contractor to make up lost time and complete the works package on schedule.

Anchor System: B06TC galvanised spheroidal graphite iron anchor c/w 3m of 16mm Ø galvanised steel rod, 200mm x 200mm galvanised steel load plate and locking nut.

Quantity: 100      Design Life: 40 yrs   Soil Type: Made Ground

Crinan Canal, Argyle and Bute - Sheet piling secured with Platipus earth anchors

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