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Commune Puplinge Drainage Ditch, Switzerland

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Project Overview

This small rural drainage ditch was continually blocked by cut grass and soil from the adjacent farmland. To keep the drainage line open and prevent any localised flooding onto the farm access road, a quick and easy solution was required.


Initially the grass was trimmed and the soil build-up cleared, the slope was then covered with a coir matt and wire mesh. The Platipus S4 ARGS anchors were rapidly installed at 1.5m centres in a diamond grid pattern along the full length of the 150m² slope and terminated with a recessed plate and wedge grip. Each anchor was set in place using the lightweight SJ5 stressing jack and the whole project was completed in only two days by Anteq Sàrl’s two man installation team.

A finished and protected Anchored Drainage Slope in Commune Puplinge Drainage Ditch, Switzerland

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