Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Cirebon 2, Indonesia

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Project Overview

The 1000 MW coal power plant, being constructed in the coastal region of northern West Java, Indonesia with poor soil and potential flooded working conditions, posed several challenges for the installation of the various pipework required. The most challenging of these was the 4000 mm (157 in.) diameter circulating water pipes which had the potential to sink or float due to the soft clay soil and extremely high ground water levels.


Part of the designed solution was to implement a concrete base placed on piles to provide foundation support to the large diameter pipes. Platipus Anchors was then tasked with providing a system to prevent the uplift in combination with the foundation (Figure 7). The solution was a large 75 mm wide webbing strap, with a 150 kN breaking load, placed over the pipe at set spacings and secured to pre-cast eyebolts using full stainless steel accessories for added corrosion protection. With only basic tensioning tooling required, this solution provided the installation team with a simple means of securing the pipeline without the need for any additional machinery on-site.

Cirebon 2, Indonesia – Platipus System to prevent uplift used in combination with foundation

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