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Burgess Hill Embankment Strengthening – UK

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Project Overview

Stabilisation and reinforcement was required for a 1000m stretch of railway embankment between Burgess Hill and Hassocks on the Brighton Line. This comprised the installation of sheet piles to a depth of up to 8m, construction of a capping beam with handrails and a drainage system for draining the water that had built up within the embankment and beneath the track bed.


Plati-Drains® , attached to B06 anchors were installed at 9m centres, upwards towards the track bed from the edge of the embankment. Dummy piles were used at the Plati-Drain® positions to allow for easy installation and drainage through the steel sheet piled wall. The Plati-Drains® were terminated into the upper carrier drain with inspection chambers connected to a lateral drain and thence to a drain at the toe of the slope, eventually running into the existing watercourses.

Anchor System: B6TC galvanised spheroidal graphite iron anchor c/w 11m of ‘Passive’ Plati-Drain®

Quantity: 120      Soil Type: Clay Fill

Burgess Hill Embankment Strengthening - Driving Plati-drains into ground

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