Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Brongain Footbridge, Llanfechain

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Project Overview

Platipus Anchors were contacted by Powys County Council to assist with an erosion control scheme. The works included the installation of a brushwood toe revetment with erosion control matting to protect a river bank from further erosion. As the river can be quite fast flowing at times an anchoring solution was required to secure a rolled erosion control product, covering an area of 400m .


The Platipus Geotechnical team reviewed the project and specified a cost effective anchor system for this application. The Platipus S2 ARGS® (Anchored Reinforced Grid Solutions) were supplied to secure 10 rolls of 2m x 20m erosion control mats. The S2 ARGS® Systems were installed and loadlocked using lightweight hand-held equipment, enabling a swift completion to the scheme.

The old deck was demolished and a degree of stabilisation was required for the abutments once the new deck was in position

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