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Bluewaters Island – Dubai

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Project Overview

Hosting the Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observatory wheel, the Bluewaters Island is a man-made business and residential hub, opposite the main Dubai beach. We were asked to provide a range of underground tree anchoring solutions to secure palms from 4 to 12m in height. The most challenging situation was the shallow planting areas on the unique 265m pedestrian bridge that connects the island with the main beach. The Platipus Deadman System with Plati-Mat was installed and supported by our local contractor and distributor. The end result was a spectacular avenue of trees leading directly to this iconic tourist attraction and a beautiful landscape covering the island.

Anchoring System: RF1RDMP & RF3RDMP – Deadman System Plati-Mat

Bluewaters Island - Dubai row of palm trees planted with the Platipus Deadman System

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