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A57 Land Slip – Slope Reinforcement

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Project Overview

A landslip along a 100m stretch of the A57 Manchester Road just outside Sheffield resulted in a partial road closure whilst remedial solutions were considered.


Platipus Anchors were approached by Amey Consulting to work with them developing an anchored solution for remediation of what the Engineer deemed to be a deep seated failure. Starting with a simple conceptual cross-sectional sketch and a Ground Investigation report, Platipus carried out extensive site testing to prove the performance and ‘drivability’ of a range of anchor systems. Amey were responsible for the global design while Platipus Geotechnical Engineers designed and indemnified the anchor specification to meet the Engineer’s requirements. A row of Plati-Drains® were introduced towards the toe of the slope to reduce pore water pressure.

Anchor System: B4 Anchor & S8 Plati-Drains®
Design Life: 60 yrs
Soil Type: Weathered Millstone Grit
A57 Landslip Slope Reinforcement

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