Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


Platipus Company Profile

Founded in 1982, Platipus Anchors has long been recognised as the global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) and Landscape Solutions. Our commitment to innovation and delivering cost-effective ground anchoring solutions has positioned us as the preferred choice for high-profile clients and projects worldwide.

Headquartered in Surrey, England Platipus operates on a global scale, distributing its products through international channels, OEM partnerships including dedicated production facilities and sales offices in the UK, USA, Germany and Ecuador.

Our expertise extends to a comprehensive range of measurable Low Carbon Anchoring Solutions (LCAS®) tailored for diverse market sectors including civil engineering, construction, pipeline, power distribution, marine and photovoltaic applications. These are all supported by an in-house Geotechnical Team that consistently delivers excellence in design.

In addition, Platipus have pioneered a range of standard and bespoke tree anchoring systems to secure and stabilise palms / trees in every planting situation. To complement their range of landscape solutions, Platipus has developed G-WALL®, a modular system, ideal for transforming bare boundaries or large spaces into vibrant colourful living walls.

Drawing on over 40 years of experience, Platipus offers a substantial portfolio of solutions engineered for their simplicity, effectiveness, lightweight design and corrosion resistance. They have earned their reputation as a reliable specialist manufacturer through a continuous commitment to innovation and the development of new industry leading products, gaining them worldwide acceptance.

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Platipus Palm Anchoring Solutions

Platipus Tree / Palm Anchoring & Irrigation Systems


Since first pioneering the concept of underground tree anchoring in 1983, Platipus have designed, manufactured and supplied systems to secure, stabilize and irrigate palms / trees on prestigious projects as well as thousands of smaller and private sites all over the world. We have enjoyed amazing success throughout the middle east, working on projects in Dubai, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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    Dubai ferris wheel

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