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Its nearing the end of this year’s National Tree Week and we’re at the fifth and final fact for this year.

Fact #5: Urban trees help to prevent flooding by intercepting rainwater and combatting surface water flooding, while interception by leaves can reduce rainfall reaching the ground by up to 45%.

Meadow Spring is inspired by the Seletar Reservoir and other nature spots around the Yishun area of Singapore. This green oasis resides on the roof of a two-story car park and is accessed by sky bridges from nearby apartment blocks. Platipus supplied on-structure Tree Anchoring Solutions to secure almost 220 trees and shrubs.

There’s still plenty more facts about trees and the benefits of planting trees we’re yet to cover, including those of our Tree Anchoring Solutions. Speak to our experienced landscape team to find out how Platipus Tree Anchoring Systems could help you plant your next tree.

Mandy Balcombe –Sales Manager – UK
Carl Reeders – Tree Systems Manager – Export
Ricky De Abreu – Sales Manager – Europe
Casey Clapp – Tree Systems Manager – USA
Helena Flor – Regional Sales Manager – LATAM

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