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Platipus Plati-Guard rootball protection mesh

PLATI-GUARD™ Tree Protection Mesh is ideal for safeguarding newly planted and established trees from damage caused by rabbits, hares, deer, livestock in rural areas or machinery such as mowers or strimmers. It can also help promote growth and improve the survival rates of trees.

PLATI-GUARD™ comprises of a soft spongy inner layer made from UV stabilised synthetic fibres and a strong rigid outer layer constructed with double twisted steel woven mesh bonded together to provide increased protection and durability against damage.

Available in two varieties, ‘Low-Guard’ for mowers, strimmers and smaller animals and ‘High-Guard’ for larger animals including livestock.

Platipus-Plati-Guard Tree Protection Mesh

Benefits of PLATI-GUARD™:

  • Quick to assemble & wrap around trees / shrubs (no stakes required)
  • Available in a range of sizes to match your tree circumference
  • Mesh construction protects trunk & acts as a natural deterrent to animals
  • Impact barrier over bark (i.e. golf / footballs) stopping wounds & disease
  • Superior design life & can be re-used (UV stabilised, chemical resistant)
  • Can shield trunk against natural elements (UV & frost)
  • Easy to ship with standard tree anchoring & irrigation systems
Protection Mesh