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Piddler Irrigation System




Drought stress is one of the biggest contributors to high mortality rates of transplanted trees in the first few years after planting. Water is vital for tree growth and sustainability and without regular watering the tree will suffer irreparable damage.

During the summer a 6cm girth tree typically requires at least 30 litres of water per month and a semi-mature tree, with a girth of 20cm or more, needs 300 litres of water per month. The use of a targeted irrigation system that delivers water directly to the root zone provides huge benefits to the tree’s development.


The Benefits Include:

  • Efficient & even delivery of water & air directly to the tree roots
  • Minimal waste – no run off, evaporation or water escaping to the bottom of the tree pit
  • Easy watering using a hose pipe through the debris cap or the pressurised adaptor for increased water flow
  • Quick to assemble, tailor to fit on all rootball sizes
  • The membrane design prevents blockages & directs roots down to their ideal growing zone
  • Lightweight & compact, compared to traditional pipe systems, offering significant freight cost savings

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