Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for 40 Years


This large 7.2MW solar park was to be constructed on an old landfill site in Dorset as an extension to an existing 5MW park. The single pile mounting system used during the construction of the first 5MW site proved ineffective and initial pile investigations on the new site revealed similarly poor performance. The challenge was then to find an alternative foundation solution to make the project viable in these challenging ground conditions.

Anchor tests were carried out across the site which proved the small S6 anchor was ideally suited to provide a load of 10kN making it the Contractors preferred choice. Using tracked drilling rigs, the 2 installation teams were able to rapidly install, loadlock and proof test each of the 3727 stainless steel anchor systems within the required 15 working days. The unique H-Frame mounting system halved the overall anchor quantities required making it the perfect choice to complete this expansive array.

See our animated installation guide:

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